Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new Moon and a New Update!

Once in a blue moon right?!

It's been a year since I've updated the family blog. I've been busy with the girls! They really keep me going! I posted some videos of them on their pages, I hope they work!

Starting with the youngest, Natalie is a sweet girl that not afraid to go after what she wants regardless how her sister feels about it. Natalie has no problem bullying her older sister. The fights have started. So we use the word share alot! She's doing better with her speech and we hope to graduate soon!

Ellen will be 5 this year, she has turned from a shy toddler into a lovely little girl. I enjoy watching her grow. I register her for kindergarten in April.

We went to Disney in January and of course had a great time! They upgraded us to a castle view so we got to enjoy the fireworks every night. I couldn't help think of my dad, how he would've loved it! We return back to our Disney time share in May.

Other then our recent trip, watching our kids grow, and us running around nothing extraordinary has happened.
So I'll share some pictures, click on the links to view.....

Pictures of the Month 2010

Pictures of the month 2011

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